BCCI said no foreign tours for selectors

BCCI said no foreign tours for selectors

BCCI has strictly made a decision that national team selectors will not go overseas with the team to watch their performance. Before national selectors used to move around with team abroad but it has to stop now. BCCI vice president Ravi Savant said, "We are also taking a policy decision that all our probables, who will be selected to play for Mumbai, will have to play a minimum of five local matches in the elite group (of local league) before they are eligible for selection and we will be implementing that". Every one has to play and the only exception is national duty.

Ravi Savant said selectors will not travel with team
Ravi Savant said that selectors will no longer travel overseas with team

Savant said that MCA will appoint coaches for next season soon, that will include all ages and also senior cricket team. Coaches will be finalized by Monday April 14 after they are all interviewed first and meet selection criteria.

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  1. Not bad it will cut down their work and also save BCCI money for tickets and accommodation. A win win situation for both selectors and BCCI


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