Salman Butt asked PCB for Rehabilitation program

Salman Butt asked PCB for Rehabilitation program

Salman Butt former Pakistan cricket captain, wants to make his case stronger by attending rehabilitation program and has told PCB about his intentions. But he is not happy with PCB because of no positive response so far. Butt has visited pakistan Cricket Board 10 to 15 times and have met colonel Azam of ani corruption and have asked him to start his rehab lectures. This is all he can do because those lectures have to be done through PCB.

Salman Butt said, "I am available 24-7. I come to the ground every day, and as long as I am fit I am ready to play. Whatever things ICC judges have told me about rehabilitation, it's completed from my end. Whatever now PCB says I am ready." 
Board has been making extra efforts to bring Mohammad Amir back in Pakistan squad, this is something annoying Salman Butt and has spoken about it in media. Butt demanded that PCB should treat all players equally, and when ban expires, doors should be open to all of them.

Salman Butt asked PCB for Rehab program
Salman Butt has asked PCB for Rehabilitation program

Butt has been quoted, 'It's good that the chairman is making efforts to revive the international career of Mohammad Amir, but he should also do it for others"
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  1. Salman Butt shouldn't be allowed to play domestic and international cricket anymore. Butt and Asif both are bad characters that effected young Mohammad Amir who was only 17 years old immature but really talented bowler. Amir did spot fixing under Butt's surveillance so Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif do not deserve any leniency as Asif was also caught in doping many times once he was caught at dubai airport while he was carrying drugs in his wallet.


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