Srinivasan attending ICC meeting

Srinivasan attending ICC meeting

Former BCCI president Srinivasan has decided to attend ICC meeting in Dubai on April 9 and 10. No comment has been made by BCCI or ICC, since supreme court said that it is BCCI internal matter and they have to sort it out. Usually its BCCI president inducted as director in ICC and secretary attends ICC Chief Executive Committees meetings. Any member of ICC can raise questions regarding Srinivasan involvement in ICC under below 2 clauses in ICC constitution.
1. Clause 2.1 of ICC code of Ethics
2. Clause 4.11(F) of ICC Constitution

Srinivasan to attend ICC meeting in Dubai

Srinivasan is supposed to become chairman of ICC in june this year. Despite all drama and him loosing president of BCCI role, it doesn't seems like anyone got problem with it. All member countries are quiet, however FICA has raised its concerns regarding Srinivasan still representing BCCI in ICC and shouldn't be considered for ICC chairman position. Its strange different rules for different people, it is clear that even on international level power matters. Big three will survive and support each other as they are dominating cricket world financially.

Only comments made by ICC regarding Srinivasan is "No comments at this stage".
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