Umar Akmal in another controversy

Umar Akmal in another controversy

Umar Akmal arrived at Qadafi stadium Lahore and parked his car in wrong spot. Security guard asked him to move his car and park it in right location. However, Umar akmal refused to follow instructions and started arguing with guard. It has been said that Umar went to meet PCB official and to give them his wedding cards. Following a spat with security guards, he left in anger and didn't meet any officials at head quarters.

Umar Akmal argued with security guard at Qadafi stadium
Umar Akmal in another controversy, by arguing with security guard

Around a month ago, Umar Akmal violated traffic rules and after getting busted he tore traffic sergeant uniform, mis-behaved and dis-respected officer.  He was summoned to court twice and then luckily got away with an un-conditional apology and no legal action was taken against him.
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  1. He must be a proud man, arguing for something he did wrong. How hard is it to park car in right location. If some one corrects him then Umar should apologize and move his car rather than disrespecting and leaving in anger. Imagine what would have PCB done to that security guard??? he must have lost his job by now if he was hired by PCB and not government.


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