Wisden condemns power grab by Big Three

Wisden condemns power grab by Big Three

Wisden criticized distribution of power and wealth among cricket countries in ICC. It will simply make rich countries richer and poor teams poorer. Who ever play India, Australia or England will enjoy benefit of wealth. Wisden was bothered by the Big Three 2014 master plan for world cricket. India is no doubt the most dominant cricket country with Srinivasan expected to be chairman of ICC while Australia and England are lapdogs to BCCI. 

Wisden criticized power distribution among ICC members
Wisden condemns power grab by Big Three (India, Australia and England)

"The boards of India, England and Australia had quietly crafted a document which claimed to safeguard the game's future while more obviously safeguarding their own," Booth writes. 
FICA is also against Big Three and they raised their voice to ICC regarding Srinivasan involvement in ICC matters which is against ICC rules and regulations. Srinivasan has to step down as president of BCCI as suggested by Supreme court of India, because his job would have effected investigation of IPL corruption and betting charges against some officials.
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  1. President of BCCI Srinivasan should leave his post because BIG 3 now got all 10 votes including Pakistan. Srinivasan is known for fixing and corruption in IPL and am afraid if he does not steps down then he may influence corruption and fixing in international cricket. I think Cricket without BIG 3 was better because there were no inferior teams now India, Australia and England looks superior.


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