TV Umpire to Call Front foot No ball

TV Umpire to Call Front foot No ball

Graham Ford, Sri Lanka's coach has suggested to use technology for front foot no ball. It came out as frustration when England was in favor of it due to incorrect umpiring decisions. Umpire Rod Tucker made one wrong decision when Alex Hales was bowled by Nuwan Pradeep by calling it a No ball. Later on replays suggested that some part of his foot was behind the line. 

Sri Lanka against England

Graham Ford said, "I guess the ICC are going to have to look at it," Ford said. "It just seems strange that with the technology that is available you can get a line call wrong. The line doesn't move, and surely we can get to a point where that problem can be taken out of cricket. You'd think the best solution would be for the umpires to worry about what's going on down the other end and for technology to look after the line call."

Since on field umpire no ball decision can not be over turned, Alex Hales was lucky to survive. Usually no balls are checked only if batsman is given out and decision could be overturned in 3rd umpire finds out that bowler had bowled a no ball. Ford was sympathetic with umpires by calling their job really hard but ICC can take further measure to make their job easy by giving them less responsibilities. However, Sri Lankan team management had approached match referee about this incident since it is the 2nd no ball issue in this series that went against Sri Lanka.

Updated on 21-08-2016:
ICC is trialing front foot no ball for the first time in England v Pakistan ODI series, 2016. Third umpire will make no ball decisions using 4 side cameras used for run out replays. On field umpire will wear a Pager Watch on their wrists. Pager watch will vibrate is a no ball is bowled. Read more about this technology on this blog... ICC Trial of Front Foot No Ball
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