Online Slumdog Cricketer Game - Cricket Games

Online Slumdog Cricketer Game - Cricket Games

Play Slumdog Cricketer Game Online:

Slumdog cricketer game is based on movie story Slumdog Millionaire. Its a cricket challenge game between poor people in Indian city. Select your character and start batting using mouse. Build up power by clicking and holding mouse, the more power you build, the further ball will travel when you play the shot. Accept the challenge and score runs in limited overs. Slumdog cricketer game challenge will keep getting harder and harder when you progress to new levels. Achieve the target and become ultimate slumdog cricketer.

Online Slumdog cricketer game

Play Free Slumdog cricket Game

Game Instructions: Use mouse to play Slumdog cricketer online. Point the mouse down and click and hold to build up some power. Release the click and point mouse upwards to play the shot.

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