Giles Clarke to Increase PCB Revenues

Giles Clarke to Increase PCB Revenues

Giles Clarke To Help PCB Finance Generation:

ICC chief executive Dave Richardson has assigned Giles Clarke a job of boosting PCB finances. Clarke was head of ICC task force that visited Pakistan in 2009. International cricket hasn't resumed in Pakistan since terrorist attacks on Sri Lanka cricket bus going to stadium. The only foreign team that visited Pakistan is Zimbabwe for a short ODI series. Security conditions have improved a lot but it is still not safe enough to host international teams. Even though Pakistan hasn't played any test match at home ground since 2009, they still became world number 1 test team in the world. Giles Clarke task is to explore different ways that can enable PCB to boost economy without any international cricket in Pakistan. Clarke would help figure out ways so PCB can increase revenue generation to help meet financial demands of running cricket in country.

Giles Clarke to Boost Pakistan Finances

 "We reflect the unique contribution of Pakistan to world cricket. There is a huge amount of goodwill at the ICC board table for Pakistan," Clarke told ESPNcricinfo. "Along with the [ICC] chief executive, I have been charged with looking at how we can assist Pakistan. Some of the economics of life has not been easy for Pakistan because they can't play home games. "We are looking at the economics of Pakistan cricket, seeing where the ICC can help in recognizing the importance of Pakistan to the international cricketing community, and to the cricketing world. They got the Test mace and played a superb series in England this summer. They were magnificent on and off the pitch during the England series." - sourced from espncricinfo. Pakistan has improved  a lot in Test cricket, they moved up to number 2 test ranking last year and achieve milestone of number 1 test rank earlier this year.

"Cricket does not belong in a war zone," said Clarke. "[But] Cricket does belong in Pakistan. If we are going to bring world cricket back to Pakistan, then we will need the help of the vast number of massively enthusiastic Pakistani cricket followers - which in my view is most of the country. Because it is the bad guys who are stopping us. If you love cricket in Pakistan, you know we can't have atrocities. It stops people from coming. But if you give up, then the terrorist wins. I am not bloody giving up."-sourced from espncricinfo. The only way to bring cricket back to Pakistan is to improve safety and security conditions. No one would want to visit a country if there is a risk to their lives. Pakistan has to work on improvement of security and rest is up to players if they are willing to Pakistan. Till then Giles will sort out some other ways to keep Pakistan cricket board finances up to standards. Pakistan has spent heaps to improve domestic infrastructure and hosting bilateral series in UAE is not that cost effective.

References: ESPNcricinfo
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