Why New Zealand cricket Is not telecast in India

Why New Zealand cricket Is not telecast in India

New Zealand Cricket Not Broadcast in India:

India is the biggest cricket loving country with most number of TV views than any other country. Fans in India are always mad about cricket matches, no matter who is playing and what time of the day it is played; they love to watch every game on the TV. However, Indian fans have been missing out on watching any international cricket matches hosted by New Zealand. In 2007, New Zealand Cricket Board made a 5 year broadcasting deal of international home fixtures with India Sports channel Sony Entertainment Television that worth NZ $65.4 million. According to wikipedia Sony SIX holds broadcast rights in India for any cricket matches played in New Zealand. Sony SIX and Sony Entertainment Television is owned and operated by Multi Screen Media. Despite holding broadcast rights in India; fans are deprived from watching all major bilateral cricket series scheduled in New Zealand in 2015 and 2016. No cricket matches played in New Zealand are live telecast on TV channels in India.

Why are Cricket Matches in New Zealand Not Telecast in India?

Cricket matches played in New Zealand are not played on any Indian Sports Channels. It is an old issue but still not resolved. Why are international cricket matches played in New Zealand not telecast on any Television in India is un-answered. I believe there could be only two possible answers to this issue. India broadcaster do not wish to pay for broadcast rights because of the time difference in both countries or Sky Sports Network which holds broadcast rights of New Zealand matches couldn't negotiate a deal with Indian broadcaster. In either case, if BCCI or sports channels in India wish to do bit more investment and not worry much about how much money they will make out of it then it will great for Indian cricket lovers.

1. Time Difference In IND and NZ: New Zealand is 7 hours and 30 minutes ahead of India. It means if a test match starts at 9:30 am and finishes at 5 pm in New Zealand. It will be live broadcast on TV in India at 1:30 am and will end at 9:30 am. Such a major time gap will deprive Indian fans from watching a test match since it will start when people in India are asleep and will end when they wake up in the morning. Same will apply to 50 over ODI if it is played only during day time. A day-night one day game in New Zealand starting at 2 pm in New Zealand will be live telecast at 6:30 am in India on TV channel. Once again, cricket fans won't be able to watch ODI game as it is the time when they get up and get ready for work or school. By the time they finish work or college, match will be over by then.

2. Sky Sports Network: In New Zealand, Sky Sports holds the rights to broadcast all sporting event. Cricket is considered second biggest and popular sport in New Zealand after Rugby. I believe the second reason why New Zealand cricket not broadcast on any channel in India is that Sky Sports couldn't negotiate a broadcast deal with India sports channels. Sony SIX might have failed to do a deal or might not be interested in doing any deal with Sky Sports since realistically no one would be watching cricket match in India.

New Zealand Cricket Live on India TV

Cricket Giant Depriving Fans of New Zealand Cricket:

Will Indian broadcasters make any money by showing advertisement in cricket matches that are live broadcast from New Zealand? There are few Paid-TV channels in India, who could telecast New Zealand home international matches and not worrying much about advertisement but no interest has been shown so far. Star Sports have beg Bangladesh cricket rights in India and KFC BBL, Hero CPL, Ram Slam, T20 blast and BPL are all shown on TV channels in India even though they are played in different countries at different times. BCCI is the most powerful and rich cricket organization in the whole world. Being considered "Cricket Giants" and one of the "Big 3" countries it is bit disappointing from Indian Cricket Administration that they haven't found a  resolution to this problem. It clearly means that Sports channels and BCCI do not care much about fans in India.

New Zealand is 8 hours ahead of Pakistan but cricket matches played in New Zealand are live telecast on TV channels in Pakistan. Cricket lovers in Pakistan would stay up the whole night just to watch cricket match. Indian fans are more in numbers and no less than Pakistani fans when it comes to cricket craziness. I would say that if a survey is taken then Indian TV views would be way more than combined New Zealand TV views and spectators in ground; if a cricket match is live broadcast on TV channel in India.

We sent an email to New Zealand Cricket and they clarified issue in their reply. New Zealand Cricket Inc. replied and advised that it is not up to New Zealand broadcasting to decide if they can live stream matches in India. Fans in India need to follow it up with their own broadcaster to provide live transmission of cricket matches in India. They also solved one of the mystery which is time difference between India and New Zealand doesn't come into the issue.

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New Zealand Cricket Inc. Level 4, 8 Nugent Street, Grafton, Auckland 1023 PO Box 8353, Symonds Street, Auckland 1150

In a pursue to find answers, we sent email to hotstar but their reply wasn't satisfactory. All it said was that they do not have broadcast right to ongoing New Zealand cricket match (Hotstar Team). It doesn't says why they didn't had broadcast rights to telecast previous New Zealand matches in India and nothing was mentioned about future fixtures in New Zealand.

If you are an Indian cricket fan reading this article then please share your views. Would you like to watch a cricket match live from New Zealand at 3:30 am or 6 am in Indian Standard Time?
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  1. Hell yeah,we wouldn't want to miss out on some enterprising cricket

  2. Ya I love new Zealand cricket and also new Zealand cricket ground specially Auckland....
    This home season nz where SA beat them into their home with 3-2
    What a last match low score drama...
    But after all No cricket matches played in New Zealand are live telecast on TV channels in India.

    So sad moment for real cricket lover..
    Time is not issue bcoz when NZ will come in India then they don't think broadcast in NZ.sky is almost all indian match ilve broadcast in NZ..

  3. Can we raise a complaint againts Sony television for not broadcasting the same they have the rights and they are not doing it means its againts customer's interest!

  4. Yes,cricket is loved in India than
    any other country in the world.We
    Love to watch any cricket match in
    any timing in any country. Author (Sky cricket) can you say how to
    contact Sony sports and star sports and deport and neosports about how to file a complaint or request.


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