Why is PSL not telecast on TV in India

Why is PSL not telecast on TV in India

Why PSL is Not Broadcast On TV In India:

Pakistan Super League is city based franchise Twenty20 cricket league which came in to existence in 2016. PSL-1 was played in United Arab Emirates and PSL-2 is expected to be played in UAE and grand final of the tournament will be played in Lahore, subject to security clearance. HBL Pakistan Super League 2017 will be live telecast on TV channels in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Middle East and Gulf countries and West Indies. India is considered as Cricket Giant that broadcast all live matches of inaugural Twenty20 league like IPL, KFC BBL, BPL, Hero CPL, Ram Slam and T20 Blast. No sports channel in India provided live transmission of Pakistan Super League season 1 matches and broadcast agreement have been made for the 2nd season. Why India do not broadcast live PSL 2017 matches is unclear. A lot of cricket fans from India would love to watch best players from Pakistan playing along some quality overseas players in a Twenty20 tournament. Sony SIX, DD, Star Sports and other giant sports network in India are not engaged in any deals with PCB for broadcast rights of PSL live matches in world largest and most powerful cricket playing country, India. 

Why is HBL PSL T20 not telecast on Indian TV:

HBL Pakistan Super League Twenty20 cricket is blocked out of India. I believe the main reason sports TV channels has not taken the initiatives to get broadcast deals of PSL T20 in India is political dispute between two countries. India has refused to play bilateral series against Pakistan due to same reason. I won't be surprised if future PSL tournaments won't be broadcast live on Indian TV as Pak-India border issues are never solving problem. Pakistan new brand of cricket will no doubt gain a lot of popularity if India start showing live matches on their TV channels. Pakistan has been live broadcasting Indian Premier League Twenty20 matches since it was established on local TV channels. Why can't India do the same for the sake of cricket fans and their love towards competitive cricket matches. Is it political leaders or BCCI who doesn't want to telecast HBL PSL T20 on Indian TV channels.

Why PSL is not Broadcast in India

An other reason why Indian broadcasters are not interested in providing live transmission of HBL PSL Twenty20 is that its still new brand of cricket. Indian broadcaster might not be sure if it does worth an investment. Popularity of PSL and return on investment is hard to estimate at this stage. Rather then taking a gamble, broadcasters might be waiting to see how strong this Twenty20 league gets financially and bid accordingly to gain broadcast rights in India. Being the richest sports TV channels and the richest cricket board in the world, its a shame that Indian cricket fans are not able to watch HBL Pakistan Super League Twenty20 tournament especially when countries like Bangladesh, Middle East and West Indies are telecasting live cricket matches to people of their countries.

As an Indian fan, would you like to watch HBL Pakistan Super League on local TV channel in India?
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  1. Yes, it would be immense pleasure to watch live matches in TV channels here in India. Why cricket lovers to suffer

  2. Friendship between India and Pakistan is the only option left for both India and Pakistan. We should try to improve relationship first through Bollywood and then Cricket and strong trade links. Politics of hate should be put to back seat. I as a cricket lover would love see those high class player from around the world as well as Pakistan in action here in India.


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