If you have difficulty in using this site or looking for answers to some of your problem then please read our frequently asked questions. This page has got answers to most common problems of our visitors and hopefully it will solve your problems too.

1. Can't Play Online Games:
You can play online cricket games on Skycricket.net and they are all free, no registration is required. Games are grouped together in categories, and they all come with thumbnail, description and game controls and instructions. Experiencing any sort of problem while trying to play games is always frustrating but there is always a simple cause and a simple solution to it. In order to play flash games, you will need a browser on your device that can support flash games.
  • To play online games on iPad, iPhone and other Android-based mobile phones, you will need a browser that supports flash games. We would recommend Puffin Web Browser because it is one of the fastest web browsers (that we have encountered) that supports Flash Player.
  • If the game doesn’t load with in 2-3 min then click Refresh button in browser, it fix problem sometimes. If game is still not loading then clear your browser’s cache, because some times it might hold incorrect file that will prevent game from loading properly.
  • In order to play online games on most of websites; you might be required to have 3 important browser plug-ins i.e. Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash and Adobe Shockwave. Game developers decides what platform they want to use to develop their games. If you already have all these plugins and still not able to play game then double check if they are up to date.
  • Out of date plugins will cause a lot of issues which could be game loads but i can't play, keyboard commands doesn't work, instructions in game are un-readable or images and animation in games are broken. To fix any such issues, you will have to update flash, shockwave or silverlight plugin in your browser.

2.  Can't Find Articles: 
Latest posts are always displayed on the front page, which is then followed by older posts. Site might only show limited articles on one page.
  • We have added page numbers to help our visitors to navigate through blog posts. Since limited number of articles are displayed on one page, adding navigation can help find older posts easily.
  • You can also use our website search option(located on top right of every page), type in keyword and it will display all the search results. Alternatively, you can find latest news by selecting any particular team from Team News menu in top bar.
  • Popular posts help visitors identify what news is on top these days. They are group together based on our readers interest. Articles will move to popular posts column if they are read most by our readers.
  • Recent comments are displayed at bottom of website, in the footer. It tells our readers if anyone has commented on any article or online game.
  • To make it more interactive, we have added labels or categories to every post. A related post plugin will display articles with similar content to the one you are reading. And it will appear under posts like snapshot below.

3. Can't Watch Cricket Matches: 
We do not host any kind of live streaming on any page of Skycricket.net. We do not embed any streaming links from TV channels playing live cricket matches from other sites either. But we do provide a list of TV channels that broadcast live Cricket Matches. We also provide link to other official cricket broadcaster that offer online streaming of live cricket matches.

4. Can't Post Comments:
If you like/dis-like any article and would like to share your experience then post a comment in embedded comment box. You might be required to log in using your gmail id to post a comment. You can also share it on Google+, all latest comments will be displayed in Recent Comments section in footer. We appreciate guest comments, feel free to participate by posting comments.

5. Can I Help This Website: 
Skycricket.net is a service of providing cricket news and entertainment. So if you want to help us then please recommend us to your friends and participate by posting comments or start publishing your own posts on this website. Please talk about us on other blogs and if possible provide links to our games or articles. You can also join our Facebook and Twitter community.

6. Can I Share Webpage On Social Media: 
If you like content of this site then please share it with your friends on social media sites. You will find share on facebook, share on twitter and share on google at the bottom of every article.

7. Other Important Links:
Where can i find website privacy policy, what cookies site creates, what are the terms of use of the webpage and how can i contact site admin? Answer are below,
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